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The Declaration of Las Terrenas

La Declaración de Las Terrenas, ver aquí.
La Déclaration des Las Terrenas,
La Dichiarazione di Las Terrenas,
andando al sito.

La Declaración de Las Terrenas has received a great deal of
support from a variety of people that includes representatives
of nongovernmental organizations, the government of
Samaná province, the National Congress, the professional
class and a variety of citizens in the province, as well as in the
rest of the country, France, Canada, the United States,
Belgium and, of course, in Las Terrenas, among others.

Community organizations in the province, including hundreds
of young people, mothers' groups, neighborhood
associations and individuals prepare themselves to sign the
Declaration under an activity supported by the Asociación de
Samanenses Ausentes.   

More than 900 have seen the public complaint made against
the Piñero Group and its Gran Bahía Principe Hotels and
Resorts at
http://terreneros.blogspot.com.  More than a third of
them are in France, almost a third in Canada and the United
States, a third in the Dominican Republic and others that
include French Polynesia, Italy, China, Argentina, Mexico,
Switzerland and Spain among others. The related complaint
and commentaries have appeared in Routard.com and

What is expected of all this?
a) greater awareness of what has occurred, including the
presentation on TV in "The Report with Alicia Ortega", one of
the most highly reputed investigative programs in Dominican
b) that both the Piñero Group and the Dominican Government
respond adequately to the complaint recognizing what has
happened and doing what the law requires;
c) finally, to help avoid the same thing from happening in the
province again.   

More than anything else, what's desired is for Samaná to
obtain a recognition as a tourist destiny of very particular
characteristics, unique and worthy of preservation given its
natural conditions and matchless beauties. In other words,
we are pursuing a greener Samaná from the environmental
point of view.

In the midst of many messages of supports, inquiries and
reports, we have seen a wide diversity amongst the people
who have signed the Declaration and/or have manifested
support for a greener Samana province.  We take this
opportunity to encourage you, if you have't done so yet, to sign
the Declaration and to plan to attend its public signing on
March 20th, the beginning of Spring.  You may sign it at any

Thanks everyone who have supported this endeavor, I do truly
hope that many more will also come forward.

The Declaration of Las Terrenas
"Green is Better"


…Samaná has the potential of becoming the most complete
tourist destination in the country because of its historical,
social, religious, cultural, culinary, musical and artistic legacy,
but more than anything else because of the vast richness of
its natural resources.  

…Tourism constitute the principal economic activity in the
province and the most promising one for bettering the quality
of life among citizens and residents, nationals and foreign.     

…The preservation of the environment is top priority, not only
because it is the right thing to do, but also because Samaná
possesses unique characteristics that make it an ecological
destination par excellence.  

…Samaná is very different from all other destinations in the
country and fits very well with current and growing patterns in
tourism development at the global stage, including ecological

…Samaná has much more to gain, short and long term, with
a tourist activity that preserves and gives life, as opposed to
an exploitative modality.

…The preservation of the environment in all of its areas is
intimately linked to the fostering of human dignity in all areas.  

We Declare

That actors and players in all areas of the tourism industry
within Samaná province commit ourselves to the building
of constructive cross-sector partnerships, sharing ideas,
combining efforts and providing resources to make of the
preservation and protection of the environment in all its
forms a sustainable model and an integral part of all tourist
activities at the personal, local and provincial levels.

Determining that…

“Actors and players” includes everyone in the tourist sector (i.
e.: hoteliers, bar and restaurant owners, tour operators,
providers and commerce in general), in the government
sector (i.e.: governor’s office, city hall, representatives and
central government officers), civil society organizations,  
formal and informal leaders and the general public.  
    Examples of “actors and players”:  individual hotels,
    hotel chains, taxi unions, tour operators, association
    of businesses, etc

“Sharing ideas” means that those interested will establish the
mechanisms of communication, orientation and information
in order to know and discover what’s occurring in relevant
    Examples:  Web pages, electronic mailings,
    scheduled meetings, LT-7 and other periodicals and
    special publications.  

“Combining efforts” means that the signataires will work
together toward previously established objectives, always
framed around that idea that the common good is superior to
individual interests.  
    Examples:  car rental places will make sure that their
    cars will not be washed in rivers or that the washing
    will not contaminate the environment.  

“Providing resources” means that the signataires will identify
resources, financial and otherwise, in order to make a reality
the intentions of the agreement.  
    Examples:  donations for a common fund, providing
    rooms for experts and trainers, sharing printed
    resources from a number of sources, distribute fliers
    and messages in individual Webpages.  

In the context of Samaná the “environment” refers to the vast
natural wealth in mountains and beaches, wetlands and
forests, caves and springs, humpback whales and
commercial fishing, waterfalls and mangroves, adventure and
sport hiking, as well as better-known destinations
    Examples:  our environment includes the beaches,
    wetlands, etc., if you’re going to build protect both.

To make the environment “an integral part” of all tourist activity
means that all those involved will establish as part of their
reason for existence a) avoidance the worst practices of
environmental degradation, including the underground, the
springs and rivers and marine and coastal places; b)
adoption of self-managed policies that foster relevant
attitudes, actions and results within the business
themselves, so that the end results are desirable, balanced
and sustainable.  
    Examples:  your place of business will start a recycling
    program, will start composting, will manage chemical
    waste carefully and responsibly, and will determine
    the practices that employees and administrators will
    effectively implement.  

Values Sustaining Environmental Self-

Human Dignity—To foster human dignity at work, in
recreation, and in administrative and political activities related
to tourism and the environment means the inclusion of all
people regardless of skin color, ethnicity, country of origin,
educational level, socio-economic status, sex, sexual
orientation, religious orientation, political membership and
physical appearance.  

Respect—Mutual respect among national and foreign citizens
is crucial in order to avoid exploitation and abuse anywhere.  

Healthy Life.—The inhabitants of the province have a right to a
healthy and productive life, centered around activities that
promote a high quality of life in all of its integral areas.  

Legal framework—Existing laws in regards to the
environment will guide the behavior of foreign nationals, so
that they would not do here what’s prohibited in their countries
of origin; while nationals will follow established laws and
withhold the expectations outlined in laws and regulations, as
well as in international agreements.  

Economic Development and Sustainability—There is an
intimate and dynamic tension, but a crucial one, between the
economic development that’s driven by tourism and the
protection of the environment.  

Education—It is the responsibility of everyone to discover,
enrich and disseminate basic knowledge and practices that
promote commercial and recreational tourist activity in a
manner that protects the environment, while at the same time
promoting adequate practices for daily living, and in that way
avoiding the degradation of the blessings that Mother Nature
has bestowed upon everyone.  


All participating actors and players will receive a document,
sticker or plaque that identifies their business place as one
supporting the basic ideals of the Declaration.  

Each year a number of individuals, business and
organizations would be recognized on the basis of
compliance and practices:  such as,
    Best Environmental Advocate
    Best Partner in Environmental Preservation
    Best Environmental Educator (community and
    Greatest Progress in Environmental Protection
    Guidelines and requirements will be produced by an
    ad hoc committee working toward that end.  

Author:  José Bourget, first draft of January 14, 2007.
Translations:  Please send your ideas and corrections by
email to:
correo@fundacionmahatmagandhi.com.  Thanks.
We Declare

That actors and players in all
areas of the tourism ambit within
Samaná province commit
ourselves to the building of
constructive cross-sector
partnerships, sharing ideas,
combining efforts and providing
resources to make of the
preservation and protection of the
environment in all its forms a
sustainable model and an integral
part of all tourist activities at the
personal, local and provincial

If you're signing as an INDIVIDUAL
please write "individual" as well
as your full name in the space

If you're signing as a
entity, please write "corporate" as
well as the name of your
business in the space provided.

If you're signing in the name of an
INSTITUTION (civil society, ONGs,
churches, etc.) please write
institutional as well as your name
and the name of your organization
in the space provided.

If you're signing representing any
GOVERNMENTAL level please
write "governmental" as well as
your name and the name of your
office in the space provided.  

In each instance please add your
telephone and e-mail address if
you wish to be kept in touch with
the development of this initiative.  

If you want to help with the
organization of the event or if you
have a donation you wish to make
please write
here.  Thank you.

Yes, I want to be part of
this initiative.
Full Name
Individual, corporate, institutional
or governmental?
Ideas and comments:
Signatarios Signataires
Gracias, Grazie, Thanks,

Nelson Bautista
Presidente, Sociedad
Ecológical del Cibao, Inc.
Dr. Colmar A. Serra
Ecotopia S.A.
Patricia Lamelas
Directora Ejecutiva,
Centro para la
Conservación y
Ecodesarrollo de la
Bahía de Samaná y su
Entorno. CEBSE, Inc.
Lic. Riquelme Ortiz Bido
Gobernación Civil de
Jose Acevedo Trinidad
Diputado de la Provincia
Samana, Partido de la
Liberacion Dominicana.
Operadora Las
Ballenas, S.A.
Gestiones Las Ballenas,
José Oscar Orsini

Alianza de Empresas
Ramón B. Martínez
Director Ejecutivo,
IDH-RD (Instituto de
cion y Derechos
Humanos de la
Republica Dominicana)
Lic. José Hamilton
Asociacion de
Samanenses Ausentes
Adrian Puello Guerrero
Universidad Autonoma
de Santo Domingo,
Escuela de Salud
Pierre FAMET
Juan y Lolo CxA
José Bourget
Fundación Mahatma
Gary Gresko
SP Real Estate &
Development LLC
Adrian Olteanu
Hervé Brousset
Deirdre Guthrie
Mr Piriou
Mme Piriou
Monique Michault
Michel Michault Maquart
Juan Pablo Ortega
Dra. Ana Maria
Deschamps B
Pedro Catrain
LIssette Gil
Isabelle Georges
Lucie Villeneuve
Québec Canada
Adolfo López Belando
Damarys Martinez
Ennio Marchetti
Sonia Bollar
Eva Escola Sala
Annette Snyder
Kristine Holley
Jacqueline Chautems
Guy Lafage
Max Geel
Philippe Schaack
Barron Vincent
Miguelina Cruz Morel
Patricia Legaignoux
Dr Jacques Roca
DR. Enrique Cortes
Michel de la Luz
Francoise Piron
Helen Safa
Miami, Fl
Elizabeth E. Roebling
José V. Made
Bronx, N.Y.
Jean Charles Labart
Mark Arnold
Vicente Barron
Santiago Hernández
Martina Bueno Payano
Laetitia Texier
Jean Bernard Barrié
Ysabelle Fizaine
Maritza Martínez
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